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From: T. Chase McPhee
Subject: For The Love Of Michael 14The story below is a work of fiction, set in the
format of reality. Any resemblances to real people,
alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in
nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon
persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental
areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene
involving male-to-male relationships asia preteen nudes offends you, then
you should not read this story. Additionally, if you
are under 18 years of age, in most asia preteen nudes state and
countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by
law. Check preteen angels org with your local laws regarding such. %
Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, videos cute preteens this is fiction.
In real life, use protection.%"For The Love Of Michael" 14
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Yeah Raj," Michael joked, "go for it.""Sorry," he excused himself, "I'm filled up."Michael already knew of Raj's status, a glorified
bottom. The night of accidentally falling into his
bed, he knew Raj already sucked his friend Luis' meat.
He often wondered about Adriano. He had his
suspicions, often finishing off a pizza without the
two hanging around. `Filled up', did it mean Raj has
indeed sucked Adriano off?"C'mon Raj. Let's show the boys how it's done?"The realism of Michael's thoughts became more evident.
"You've got to be insane, Adrian. I'm not putting on a
show for anyone!"Putting his arm around Raj's shoulder, Adriano showed
more than occasional companionship, at the same
moment, Adriano showed no shame in handling his
hardening shaft."C'mon," he said softly, "thing preteen angels org of it as an education.
Besides, it's been a whole week since my last
blowjob.""Why is that?" Raj questions."I told you last week, when we got intimate in the
bed.""Well I just figured you were working me up to take
care of.. you know?""Use you? C'mon Raj, after last week in your bed you
don't feel more than.... ""No wait.""You'll give me a blowjob?""No.. I mean yeah I felt something... but...""What?""Hey, I didn't know you were serious.""Maybe this will change fuck my preteen your mind!">From the other side of the pool, the two teens watch
as Adriano engulfs Raj in his arms, moving his hands
up his shoulder blades, one hand caressing Raj's
scalp, bringing their heads together."I suppose those two are serious after all," Michael
says."Like us?"Dean squeezes Michael's hand. Michael looks to him."Alright if I kiss you?""Sure it's alright. Why not? If they aren't hiding
their love, why should we?"As Michael and Dean go for it, Adriano and Raj break
off their kissing."So, are we going to use preteen beach butt Michael's room or yours?""Why don't I give you a blowjob in the cabana?""Blowjob in the cabana, Raj? Hell, I'm way beyond that
point now!""Wait a minute here. A blowjob I don't mind giving you
in front of Michael and Dean, but you're not gonna
fuck me.""Why not? Wouldn't you rather have Michael educated
before he gets into the wildlife of his college
years?""Of course I want the best for him, but not having you
bust my ass in front of him.""Your call. I figured an education with a condom might
be....""With? But it's so much better with you plowing me,
without it.""Yeah, but we've got to set standards for them, being
sixteen and all.""I suppose.""You don't want Michael going around fucking guys
unsafe, do you?""No.""I suppose you're right.""Trust me... okay, so do we go to your place or his?""We better head for my place. His father gives him his
privacy, but you never know if that one time he walks
in. It would be bad news if he caught us putting on a
literal `fucking show' for his son."Back at water's edge, Michael and Dean have raced
across the pool, at the sight of Adriano putting his
pants back on."Get your clothes on, guys," Raj instructs."Change your minds?" Michael asks."Nah," Adriano fills them in, "we've decided to take
your education behind closed doors."Michael looks to Raj."My place.""His place?" Dean questions Michael."Above the garage. He has a little apartment.""Cool!"Leaving by way of the patio, walking outdoors, it gave
Michael and Dean an excuse to walk, with their shirts
slung over their shoulders. In ten minutes time the
four climbed the stairs, scaling one side preteen cunt jpg
of the
garage, up to Raj's apartment."Nice place," Dean compliments."Thanks," Raj replies.Directly from the pool, Raj stuffs a pizza box in his
fridge."An after dinner snack."Adiano didn't waste any time, stripping down. It
already gave encouragement to Michael, who followed by
dropping his bathing suit to the floor."Don't leave that wet thing there," Raj scolds.Michael immediately walks to the jon, with his
sidekick beside him."Hang them in the bathtub."When Raj turns back, Adriano is gone. Shaking his
head, he walks to his bedroom. At the door, he spies
the Italian lying there, are if posing for a magazine
centerfold."C'mon. Get started warming up my cock!""Got the condom?""It didn't take much for you to come around, did it?""My ass is aching for a pounding.""And the boys?""Like you said. It's an education."Back in the jon, the two are taking in the roxy preteen model toiletries
lying around on the vanity."I've heard," Michael says, holding up the
double-edged razor, "if you shave your chest, it will
encourage hair growth.""I think I'll wait til it comes in naturally. You go
ahead and do what you want.""Do you want me to?""I dunno," Dean replies, skeptical. Then remarks, "Why
should my opinion matter?"Michael sets the razor down. As if a repeat
performance, different guys involved, Michael closes
in on Dean. He encircles him with his arms, taking a
hint from Adriano, rubbing his hands on Dean's
shoulder blades. One hand, the right, heads for Dean's
scalp and soon they are kissing.As they break, Dean asks, "I wonder if they've
started?"Suddenly, Michael is alerted, "I hope they didn't
start!"Taking Dean's hand, Michael scoots out of the jon,
Dean trailing him by the arm. Around the sofa they
head for Raj's room. Stopping short, Dean's chest
plows into Michael's back, almost knocking him over."Wow!" both say!Kneeling between Adriano's legs, Raj bends over and is
licking the tip of his straight-standing cock. He
stops.Adriano whines, preteen angel pussy "Noooo... don't stop.""But Michael and Dean are here.""Can we join in?" Michael boldly asks."You're not sucking Adriano," Raj gives his opinion."No," Michael says, "I'll.... I'll suck Dean.""You'll suck Dean?" Raj asks.For the past half hour, as asia preteen nudes they talked by the pool,
the assumptions of Raj and Adriano had been Dean as
`bottom' guy."Sure. Dean, get on the bed next to Adriano," Michael
divvies out the instruction, "and I'll do what Raj is
doing, except to you," meaning Dean."Whatever," Adriano says, more of a selfish attitude,
"hurry before my cock goes flat, Raj."Two things astonished the sixteen year olds, as they
neared the bed. First had been Raj freely partaking of
Adriano's shaft, massaging the tip between his lips.
But, sooner diverting their attention is what hung
down between Raj's thighs."He's big too," Dean whispered."C'mon," Adriano extended his arm to preteen sample clips Dean, "it
wouldn't the first time I held a fuck-buddy in my
arm.""Next to you?" Dean questioned, more shy.He's never in his whole life lay down next to a man
for this purpose. Sure, he and Michael have shared the
bed, with clothes on, innocently kissing, but naked
now, next to a man at least ten years older was
perceived as something stranger. First Dean sat on the
side of the bed. Then, with coaxing preteen nude school from Michael, he
lay down, Adriano's arm becoming a neck-pillow. Still
both boys' attention remained on Raj, now cupping his
lips around Adriano's 9.5c, traveling the width, up
and down. A coupla times they heard preteen cunt jpg
Raj gag from it
entering his throat."I think I'd throw up!" Michael states, pertaining to
the throat action.Adriano didn't hear. He was too engrossed in the
moment. However when Michael decided this to be the
moment, his attention waned from Raj servicing him."Take it nice and slow there, Mikey," Adriano coached.Not being able to spare the moment, Dean perched
himself up on his elbows. He wanted a birds-eye view
of the first guy to suck his teen-cock."That's it. Curve your lips around your...""Owwch!" Dean cried out."Sorry," was Michael's first reaction."Tough breaks," Raj stopped to say."Just get back on my cock," Adriano called out to Raj,
more in an authoritarian manner."Yes, sir!"Raj went right on back down on Adriano's shaft."Take it slow this time. Curl your lips around your
teeth, Mikey."Michael sort of remembered reading about the technique
in a porn novel, after the fact."Nice size cock, there Dean," Adriano complimented."Thanks...ooooooooh".As Raj had done, Michael followed his lead, placing
his lips atop Dean's cock. He did what he thought Raj
was doing, drawing Dean's cock in like siphoning beer
from a can. Even though he was only sixteen, he's
tasted the feeling."I knew you would like it. Suck Mikey. Yeah. Go down
on him," Adriano prompted himGoing down Dean's teen-shaft, all Michael could think
of is the pleasuring he was giving. Of course, his own
cock stood rigid, but it's pleasing Dean is what was
getting him off.%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee
This story may not be sold, nor made part of any
collection, without prior consent from the author.
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